Our core team

Andrew Whitford | Managing Director

Andrew brought the TrafficZoom brand over to the USA in 2009 as an extension of Australian sister company, Web Marketing Experts. With a Bachelor of Computer Science and over 12 years experience in the I.T. industry, Andrew is very solution-driven and a problem solver at heart.

Fun fact: Andrew is Australian and has traveled to 39 countries.

Reach out at:
andrew@trafficzoom.com | 323.843.5770

Nick Bell | Associate Director

Nick is the original brainchild of the business, starting Web Marketing Experts in Australia in 2008 and growing it into the #1 web marketing company in Australia. He brings extensive SEO experience and entrepreneurial spirit to the TrafficZoom business.

Fun fact: In his younger days, Nick was training to become a full time golf professional.

Noah Silverman | Chief Technology Officer

Noah has been working with technology companies for over 20 years, including many of his own startups. This, combined with his Ph.D. (Statistics) studies at UCLA, allow Noah to provide unique insights into the complex theory behind Google’s algorithms and make major strategical contributions.

Fun fact: Noah has been doing Muay Thai for over 20 years and is also a licensed pilot.

Noah consults to TrafficZoom on a part-time basis.

Neil Vermillion | SEO & Social Media Specialist

Neil started in offline marketing with direct mail and print ads, then transitioned to online marketing where he has spent the last 6 years specializing in SEO and Social Media. Having a Bachelor’s in Music Performance he is systemized and organized in executing tasks and analyzing trends and strategies.

Fun fact: Neil has over 25,000 Twitter followers. He also likes to crack dumb jokes with a straight face, just to see what you will say.

Reach out at:
neil@trafficzoom.com | 323.843.5774

Chris Herbrand | SEO/Web Developer

With a background focus in web development and design, Chris brings a passion for understanding and a determination to execute new web trends. With his 2 years of experience in interactive marketing, he provides a fresh viewpoint with a can-do attitude.

Fun fact: Chris is currently doing P90X and feeling every minute of it.

Reach out at:
chris@trafficzoom.com | 323.843.5772

Alex Colston | Internet Marketing Consultant

Backed by a Computer Science degree with a concentration in Business from the George Washington University, Alex is our lead Internet marketing and sales consultant. With over 6 years of Internet marketing experience, Alex advises businesses on best online marketing practices and shares his expertise on maximizing ROI.

Fun fact: 2 years ago Alex drove cross country from Burlington VT to Los Angeles CA and hasn’t left since.

Reach out at:
alex@trafficzoom.com | 323.843.5771

Emin Andreasian | Web Solutions Consultant

With a Masters in Business Admistration (MBA), Emin has over 10 years experience with applying technology and internet marketing to businesses of all sizes. He is very active in the Los Angeles business community, is a member of the Burbank Chamber of Commerce, and has a passion for helping people and businesses with being successful.

Fun fact: Emin still dreams of being a starting NFL quarterback.

Reach out at:
emin@trafficzoom.com | 323.843.5775

We’re here to help your business

Running your business is enough work as it is, without trying to learn a whole new industry. Our team of experts is here to help you take advantage of the internet boom so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

When times are tough, new leads and sales are what keep your business alive. Let us show you how your website can be the most effective sales tool you have.