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Top 9 Celebrities With Highest Percentage of Fake Followers

Fake followers are nothing new to Twitter, however after the recent scandal concerning Justin Beiber’s followers being half fake, the story has re-emerged to the forefront of the public’s mind for those talking in the Twittersphere.

Many find this to be so scandalous because these “celebrities” are thought to have true status, true influence, so it’s surprising to discover the their follower base is comprised mostly of empty Twitter accounts.

These ‘fake’ accounts are determined by SocialBakers as having the following three characteristics:

1. The accounts has never made a single tweet.

2. Have less than one follower.

3. Follow fewer than 50 other accounts.

We got a a bit curious about this phenomenon and wanted to see what other celebrities have a large number of fake followers, so we did a bit of digging using to verify the findings.

Here’s the list of the top 9 celebrities with highest percentage of fake followers.

1. Mariah Carey- 54% fake (approximately 5,483,651 fake followers)


2. Jennifer Lopez- 51% fake (approximately 8,636,385 fake followers)


3. Jordin Sparks- 50% fake (approximately 1,743,151 fake followers)


4. Taylor Swift13- 50% fake (approximately 13,209,030 fake followers)


5. Britney Spears- 48% fake (approximately 12,392,098 fake followers)


6. Tyra Banks- 47% fake (approximately 4,199,695 fake followers)


7. Ellen DeGeneres- 47% fake (approximately 8,699,128 fake followers)


8. Katy Perry- 47% fake (approximately 16,513,184 fake followers)


9. Alicia Keys- 46% fake (approximately 5,922,960 fake followers)

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